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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 17, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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make out with some shoes. just as they went, they sort of fell. jon: crooks are not necessarily the brightest. thank you for joining us today. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert. you are looking live at iowa and virginia. two critical swing states where we are waiting to hear from obama and romney as we take on new questions today about who won the debate and who came out ahead after last night's town hall debate. and why those are actually two different issues, who won and who came out ahead. welcome to "america live." i am megyn kelly. most of the debate headlines focused on tools like tbs news, which asked uncommitted voters who won last night debate. they gave the president a slight edge. 37% saying obama and 30% saying mitt romney.
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governor romney was the clear winner on several issues. uncommitted voters saying that he would do a better job handling the deficit and the economy and handling taxes. >> 9 million americans without work. i was in the one to 5.4%. this was the president's plan. he said he would cut in half the deficit. he has not done that, either. in fact, he doubled it. the middle class is getting crushed under the policies of the president who has not understood what it takes to get the economy working again. he keeps saying that i have created 5 million jobs. that is after losing 5 million
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jobs. the entire record is such that the unemployment has not been reduced in this country. when he took office, 32 million people were on food stamps. today, 47 million people are on food stamps. the growth of the economy is growing more slowly this year than last year. more slowly than the year before that as well. megyn: joining me now is chris stirewalt, host of "power play." according to voters, the uncommitted voters, they believe that barack obama won this debate by a slight margin. and they believe that mitt romney came out ahead of virtually every economic issue. what does it mean? reporter: it means that the context of the debate, there is
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the larger context of the election -- inside the debate, remember, the president has tremendously low expectations for him coming into this debate. he talked about his vigor and all that stuff. they tried to psych up the democratic base ahead of us. the base on the president's performance two weeks ago, for him to make eye contact with any sentiment human being would be a victory for the president. also, he did better in the second half of the debate than he did in the first half of the debate. as voters were scoring, he said yes, he was pretty good, he closed on that. that's different than what happens in the larger context of the election. in the larger context of the election, what the president needed to do was to disqualify mitt romney and say that this guy was not presidential timber. six months of character attacks on air. they were backed up in person on the debate stage last night. the goal was to say that that
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mitt romney was not fit to qualified for office because of who he was personally, and what the underlying polls say is that the president did not achieve that goal. in fact from the most telling one to me was that romney beat the president on leadership by a dozen points. megyn: significantly, yes. barack obama was at 65, mitt romney at 77, although barack obama beat mitt romney when it comes to cares about my needs and problems. however, barack obama went up 18 points in that area. mitt romney went up 24 points. so they both did themselves some good. i want to talk to you a little bit about the questioners at those debate. the uncommitted voters. those in nassau county. what mattered to them and the decision to the moderator to include those questions and debate. for example, about equal pay for
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women. which is an issue for some. it is not something that has gotten really any attention to speak out on the campaign trail. the assault weapons ban, and the question is whether those issues, whether they move the needle. even if you like those issues and you are a liberal democrat, those are important issues to you -- because that's how it tends to go, with those issues move the needle for either candidate? >> no, people's minds are pretty much made up on issues like gun control. pretty much made up on most things that aren't the practical question of what is necessary to make the federal government into such a thing that could deal with the big issues, which relate to the economy and relate to the national debt. pretty simple, and that's what people want to talk about. the other stuff tends to be mattering to a number of people but not everybody. megyn: given that, it -- okay, given that, you know, that
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soundbite that we played for mitt romney, we played that for a reason. that is one that everyone is talking about today. issue by issue, he tried to make a serial indictment of the past four years. he was sort of pointing to barack obama and say you're going to get more of the same. he's not talking about new ideas for the second term. so he said to that question are, i think you know better. then to believe that things will change. does that become the gop narrative from now until november 6 women. >> yes, we have 20 days. the president for six months has predicated his reelection campaign on disqualify mitt romney. all of those attack ads from all of those personal attacks. they thought, i assume, that mitt romney would be dead meat and he would be disqualified. having him ahead in the polls, going into the final three weeks with the character assault, having not children or disqualify him, what he saw last
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night was mitt romney answering those questions, but also you saw a guy coming with the full force of his anger and mitt romney never bow to him. megyn: 36% said voting for mitt romney and 29% said undecided. the rest are for barack obama. thank you, chris stirewalt. the big topic today is candy crowley. trying to qualify for correction of mitt romney. >> it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi. >> he did, in fact, sir. megyn: candy crowley went on tv after the debate and offered an explanation of what happened there. >> he was right in the main point. i just think that he picked the
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wrong word. >> there has been a lot of pushback on her. while the president did use the word act of terror, there is the question of contacts and whether he or anyone else was on the record as describing it as a terrorist attack in the wake of public statements. that was about a spontaneous protest and whether the matter should have been weighed in by a moderator on such an dicey issue. coming up, we will speak to political experts on whether candy crowley change the debate with the key issue and wasn't appropriate for her to do what she did. this is a fiery panel. you need to watch this one today. plus, new questions are being raised after the president suggested that he called the attack in libya a terrorist attack on day one. why did ambassador is a nice call it a protest on almonte five? john bolton, ambassador john bolton will be here with us and
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he will enter the big question that the president left out there. we also had a history lesson last night. governor romney pointed out that president reagan faced a tough economy, but created many more jobs than the president muster. he said that sketchy map was at the heart of mitt romney's ideas. one of the most intense battles has to do with domestic oil drilling. stuart varney is here to check both candidates claims with numbers straight from the federal government. >> i don't think anyone really believes that you are a person that is going to be pushing for oil and gas and coal. you will get your chance in a moment, i am still speaking. the answer is that i don't believe people think that is the case. that wasn't a question, that was a statement.
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megyn: fox news election alert and we are waiting president obama's first campaign event since last night's debate. as well as mitt romney.
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you are looking at live pictures at cornell college. the critical battleground state of iowa. the president is already addressing the crowd of some 800 people. 2000 more weight in the wings. in the meantime, governor romney also making his first appearance since last night's fiery town hall debate in chesapeake, virginia. this is a live picture here from tidewater community college in this other crucial battleground state. right now, the state is very much in play. the polls had obama leading by less than one point. significant tightening their. the president and the governor's offense will be streaming live on fox if you care to hear their comments. we will monitor them for news and bring them to you if they make any. americans were treated to a history lesson in job creation and last night's debate. governor romney explaining how
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ronald reagan's economic recovery created twice as many jobs as president obama's has been exactly the same period of time. the governor argued that he would use some of the very same approaches. the amount between that period, the equivalent. lack of time, ronald reagan's recovery created twice as many jobs as this presents recovery. 5 million jobs doesn't even keep up with population growth. the only reason the unemployment rate seems a little lower today is because of all the people that have dropped out of the work force. the president has tried, but his policies have not worked. he is great as a speaker and describing his plans and visions, that's wonderful. except that we have a record to look at. and that record shows that he had just has not been able to cut the deficit and put in place reforms for medicare and social security to preserve them and to get us the rising incomes that we need. the median income is down.
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23 million americans out of work. that is what this election is about. it is about who can get the middle class in this country a bright and prosperous future. and to ensure that our kids can have the kind of hope and optimism that they deserve. megyn: michael reagan is chairman of the reagan group and a political consultant. welcome back. governor romney said this is not what a real recovery looks like. he said later in the debate that we don't have to live like this. we don't have to settle. we don't have to settle for these conditions, and he pointed to your dad is an example of someone who is faced with 10.8 unemployment. and created a whole lot more jobs than have been created over the past four years. was it effective? >> yes, that was his variation. you are better off four years ago than you are today. bringing up ronald reagan when he was able to do in the 80s. he might've gone on to say that they did this by lowering the tax rate on americans across the board. that way, more money was able to
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come in to washington dc, and the problem has always been spending, not income. but spending in washington dc. as president, that is something that he plans to do. he could of went a little further on that, but that is a great way to point to make. i thought about this when bill quentin was speaking for his three and a half hours in charleston. when he said that this president came in and took over a terrible economy and nobody could do it, not even his predecessors in the amount of time -- that is why barack obama needed more time. ronald reagan did it in three years. that's what ronald reagan did. the reason that ronald reagan was reelected is because he did turn the economy around. he didn't put people back to work in america. he made people feel good about being american. he made the military feeling good about putting on their uniforms. he asked for four more years to make it even better. megyn: ronald reagan is revered and not just republican circles,
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but he is getting a lot of bipartisan love and support and respect. you know, since his passing and legacy becomes more clear. should mitt romney be touting not more on the campaign trail? i know i can't keep on saying this, but it is a direct rebuttal to what we heard from president clinton. which is very powerful and effective. no president could have gotten this done in four years. i am telling you, no president could have done it. >> the fact is a president has done it. i have been done an increase in allowance from my father because john f. kennedy's tax cuts went through the 1960s. it has always worked. the new reagan revolution. reaganomics has always worked. if you go the canadian way, it is never worth any other country, for that matter a fact. but when you cut taxes and cut
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spending, you create jobs and you create an economy. i think this is where mitt romney needs to be, and we could've made that point even more. the president of the united states cannot defend his record at all. by the way, you do have a great voice for golf. megyn: hq. when you are live inside the debate hall, you have to talk very quietly. so the question is, why didn't he come out of the more dorsal? this is why i will cut tax rates and these are the results. he started it, but not exactly. it is because he is worried about the following line of attacks. but the president made according to his supporters very effectively last night. >> governor romney says he has a five-point plan. he doesn't have a five-point plan, he has a one-point plan. that plan is to make sure the folks at the top played by a different set of rules. that has been his philosophy in the private sector and his philosophy as governor and his
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philosophy as a presidential candidate. megyn: in other words, he is for the rich. >> they did that same thing on my father. the president of the united states also has a penchant. just like mitt romney's pension is in a blind trust. romney has learned to defend being rich. defending the fact that he grew from the bottom up what he wants to do is allow the rest of america to grow in the same way that he was able to grow. those things are being pushed down by the president of the united states of america by talking always about the bridge. but who really gets burned is not the middle-class. it is the working class. it is the hairstylists, the manicurists, the cleaning lady, the gardeners. these are the people that go out of their jobs bursting. my daughter, ashley, making $40,000 a year as a school teacher in a private school, paying $5 for gas -- that is
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outrageous. her car does not run on wind power. it runs on gasoline. she gets great mileage. but how do you ask a person making $40,000 a year as a schoolteacher to pay $5 per gallon of gasoline. that is not being answered. it needs to be answered. megyn: you know what, you key to our next debate. stuart varney serta talk about that next. we bid you adieu, michael reagan, it is always a pleasure. >> thank you. [laughter] megyn: you are so quiet you can hear a pin drop inside the debate hall. anyway, some seriously bad news today for the most accomplished american cyclist in history. lance armstrong and his fall from grace gets more dramatic as one of the country's biggest brands says goodbye. in the news gets worse from there. plus some answers to a few questions from the presidential
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showdown. who won with women? the race is tightening up with women voters. we will have a fair and balanced debate with eye-opening answers with what happened last night. >> there are three and a half million more women living in poverty today than when the president took office. >> women are increasingly the breadwinners in the family. >> i will help women get good work by getting a strong economy and supporting their work. >> cervical cancer screenings is a pocketbook issue for women and families across the country
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megyn: a fact check now and what became one of the most intense confrontations of last night's debate. the body language on this -- the subject of gas prices in the president's policies.
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on drilling for oil on federal land. >> that is the problem. in the last four years, you cut permits and licenses on federal waters in half to not true, governor romney. >> how much did you cover cut them by then? [talking over each other] >> how much did you cut licenses and permits on federal land in federal waters? >> here's what we did -- >> i had a question, and the question was how much did you cut them by? >> i am happy to answer the question. >> allright. >> you had a whole bunch of oil companies who have leases on public lands, but they weren't using. so what we said was, you can't just sit on this for 10 or 20 or 30 years. decide when you want to drill and produce red when it is most profitable for you. these are public lands. so if you want to drill on public lands, use it or you lose it. what we did was take away those
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leases. >> production on government land is down. it is down 14%. megyn: joining me now is stuart varney from "varney & company." >> governor romney is right on the federal permitting on federal land. megyn: barack obama kept talking about oil production as opposed to permit. >> governor romney is right on both counts. first of all, drilling, leasing, how many permits to go out there and drill on federal land, 9600 new leases issued for the first three years, 5600 new leases. down 42%. governor romney is right on that
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issue. towards the end of the soundbite that he played there, the issue was oil and gas production. oil and gas production on federal land. megyn: that is where obama wanted to go. he just wanted to talk about production. >> exactly. direct contradiction about the factual matter. oil and gas production on federal land -- this is production, stuff coming out of the ground, down. governor romney is right and the president -- it has gone up and not down. romney is right and obama is wrong. actually, that is what it is. megyn: he says it may have gone down because these oil companies are sitting there and not using federal lands for the user plans. >> he doesn't like it, drilling, and he took away these leases from oil companies because he really wanted to cut down on drilling.
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the oil companies point out. you don't know whether you have oil underneath the ground or not. it takes a long time to figure out whether it is there or not. the president says we are not waiting for that. megyn: i want to ask you about gas prices here. mitt romney went after president obama and barack obama had an interesting explanation for the increase in prices. listen to this. >> when i took office, the price of gasoline was $1.86. why is that? because the economy was on the verge of collapse. because we were about to go through the recession. megyn: so he was saying that we have to have a bad economy if we want low gas prices again? >> the gas prices are up. >> think of it this way. unemployment in the three months
1:29 pm
after president obama was elected and when he took office, about 7.5%, unemployment now is about 7.8%. you would expect that if the economy got worse in that respect of unemployment, gas prices should have gone down. they have been. they doubled. what we are doing is suggesting that maybe it allows the economy that produces low gas prices, but that's not so. what we need to produce low prices again is more energy production. and that's not where the president is doing. he is not looking for that, he is looking for more help with solar and wind with money taken from oil and gas. megyn: stuart varney, thank you. coming up, a disturbing story coming up. a girl took her own life after being bullied online projects we went online and posted this video message, which is heartbreaking come asking for help. after a group of hackers out of
1:30 pm
the alleged bully, we are getting reports of threats on his life. that is an "kelly's court." plus, our focus group weighs in on the debate of the performance of the moderator and the popular column that argues her actions last night. it illustrates why many americans simply no longer trust the media. >> they can't argue with her? why not? >> one wants to be president. one wants to be a second term president. why did the use of u.n. ambassador for five days after that? to say it was about a spontaneous thing. why does mitt romney need candy crowley to defend him are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years?
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megyn: fox news alert. looking life here at campaign event in iowa and virginia. president obama and governor romney slugged it out last night on the debate stage. today, both are back on the campaign trail. just moments ago, the president weighed in on the debate last night, keeping on top of things. >> governor romney has been running around, talking about his five-point plan for the economy. as i pointed out last night and you guys heard yourselves, it is really a one-point plan and not a high point plan. folks who play by their own set of rules. megyn: it sounds familiar.
1:35 pm
governor romney picked up where he left off last night. slamming obama for not describing his plan for the future. >> i think it's fair to say that the president still doesn't have an agenda for a second term. don't you think that it is time for him to finally put together a vision of what he would do in the next four years if he were elected? he has got to come up with that over the weekend. there is only one debate left on monday. megyn: both of these events are streaming live on fox we will take up the question of president obama's agenda for the next four years with karl rove at the top of the hour. megyn: one thing that was perfectly clear during the debate last night is that both presidential candidates were looking to woo women. by one count, president obama and mitt romney referenced women some 30 times, compared to referencing men despite times.
1:36 pm
>> there are 3.5 million more women living in poverty today than when the president took office. >> women are increasingly the breadwinners of the family. >> what we can do to help young women and women of all ages is to help have a strong economy. employers are looking them to a flood of the good work schedule, metaphors and opportunities that they would otherwise not be able to afford. >> helping them get good work by getting a stronger economy. >> i just want to point out about the lilly ledbetter bill, when it was important, you said i will get back to you. that is not the kind of support that any woman needs.
1:37 pm
>> there are many who rely on planned parenthood for mammograms, cervical cancer screenings, that is a pocketbook issue for women and families all across the country. megyn: joining me now is monica crowley. kirsten powers is a columnist. both are fox news contributors. does anyone else want to hurl? [laughter] megyn: is the most blatant pandering to you've ever seen? >> they do it because it works for the most part. i don't think it works with women like us, but there are a lot of women out there that want to be hearing this. megyn: rba special interest group? >> in the electorate, yes, and we are treated that way. the thing is that obama made statements. after the last debate, i don't think those are the things that are moving women. megyn: you mean we are not solely defined by planned
1:38 pm
parenthood? >> actually, it is more than our hearts, to be honest. megyn: oh, goodness. >> the reason there has been this shift is because they have demonized romney. he actually hates women and there is a war on women. he came out and he was in this monster. women would like that and they would prefer to have someone who is strong and engaged. i think that last night he was just as aggressive. i think women actually find that attractive, even though people keep insisting that they don't. megyn: what do you think? >> last night we saw two alpha males are going each other. two scorpions in a bottle. what bothers me is the myth of the fragile woman. that somehow women don't want to see drink projected or if two candidates are up in each
1:39 pm
other's grails -- [talking over each other] i love you dearly, megyn, but i disagree with that. i think women in a presidential race, when they are elected as commander in chief that have to deal with evil forces in the world, they want to see street and they want to see that projected. i agree with kiersten. not only are they responding to this drink being projected in the self-assurance being projected by governor romney, they are also responding to his plan. that point would be a just world out there, governor romney said that women aren't solely defined by their lady parts. [laughter] just amusing were biologically accurate word. megyn: south of the border. >> women's issues are all american issues. the all american issues are jobs and the economy. what governor romney is saying is that that includes women, and if we have economic policies in place, women will benefit. you know that 800,000 more women are unappointed day than when
1:40 pm
barack obama came in the office? and the poverty rate for women is actually higher today than it has been in 17 years to . megyn: would you make about that equal pay for women? the lilly ledbetter act was passed people can sue for unequal pay. only 35 women, or something like that, have taken advantage of it. how does make its way into the debate? >> what are you or romney or obama going to do about equal pay for me? >> it was a very tragic situation that happened a lilly ledbetter. but most people don't know that. again, it is part of this idea that we are going to turn them into this monster that hates women. one who doesn't want women to have equal pay. that is the suggestion. i think the bigger question is how did this become a question when you only have 11 questions.
1:41 pm
certainly, this ground has been covered. megyn: or a 23 million people in the country and we devoted that much time. do not we are fighting for the life of the country here, and she spent all this time on lilly ledbetter. most voters don't know about or care about at this time in america's economic crisis. i think it is really critical to understand, i think the question was and because of a left-wing bias. a gun and whether it was written or raised by an audience member or whether it was written or raised by candy crowley. [talking over each other] megyn: she approved it. >> she approved it and if you only have 11 or 12 questions to get in 90 minutes, -- look, this was meant to bolster obama's strategy. the war on women and the dependency culture. megyn: the polls would show that women are neck and neck. the men are neck and neck. >> how the government would take you from cradle to grave.
1:42 pm
megyn: i want to get to one more point. on the way they were relating to each other. the body language and i am outraged here. [talking over each other] megyn: i am now a wal-mart mother as well. >> i don't agree with you and she doesn't agree with you. [laughter] [talking over each other] >> i didn't like joe biden. [talking over each other] >> being sarcastic, kind of just bullying. >> but that is not what mitt romney does. >> in the biden debate, ryan was a gentleman.
1:43 pm
he didn't respond in the same way. [talking over each other] megyn: alpha man, how the women, there is no evidence of that. thank you both so much. thank you for being involved in the exchange. let me know what you think on twitter. coming up, the unraveling of lance armstrong's legacy. it has looked like a slow-motion crash for the carnage that worse today. when president obama was challenged on libya last night, he said he called this an act of terror from day one. so then why did he have his ambassador to the united nations called something different on day five? former ambassador john bolton is on that next. >> a suggestion that anybody in my case, anybody on my team,
1:44 pm
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> today after the attacks, governor, i stood in the rose garden until the american people that we will find out exactly what happened. this was an act of terror. and they also i also said that we are going to hunt down those who committed this crime. a few days later, i was there reading the caskets, coming into andrews air force base. grieving with the families. suggestion that anybody in my shoes, whether the secretary of state for the u.n. ambassador, or anybody on my team would take
1:48 pm
politics or mislead when we lost four of our own people, governor, that is offensive. that is not what we do. megyn: that was president obama last night defended his record. following the terror attacks. on the consulate in benghazi, libya. if he knew on day one that this was a terror attack, then why was the u.s. ambassador to united nations, susan rice, saying this on day five? >> the best assessment we have today is that, in fact, this is not a clique hand, premeditated any attack. it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo, egypt. megyn: we have john bolton, a former ambassador and contributor to fox news. >> well, it is all obama misdirection.
1:49 pm
this is what he does all the time. what he said in the rose garden after the attack was to remind everybody that we were already in pain. we were remembering the first 9/11 attack. he talked about walking through arlington cemetery. then he says that no act of terror will basically stop america's resolve. he was lumping a lot of things together. earlier in his speech, he had specifically said we are a tolerant nation when it comes to religion, and nothing justifies what happened in benghazi. that is laying out the basis of the argument, that was the profit mohammad related video. the issue is not did it relate to terror in his speech, but the huge disparity between the administration explanation, which went on for weeks. but this was a spontaneous reaction to the profit mohammad video, versus what was obvious
1:50 pm
in benghazi that night and has been increasingly obvious. this was a well-planned terrorist attack likely carried out by al qaeda. that remains unanswered by obama. megyn: day after he knew knew it was an act of terror, he called it a interacts, listen to what he said on september september 20 i don't want to speak to someone into we have all the information. what we do know is that the natural protests arose because of the outrage over the video were used as an excuse by extremists to see if they could
1:51 pm
directly harm u.s. interests. megyn: they said we are still doing an investigation, we don't want to identify it yet. we are declined to say that it was terrorism. i want to get your reaction, and perspective on why he said that, and where is it going after the break. stay tuned ing ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes! five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story.
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megyn: ambassador john bolton is back. your thoughts, sir? to i think the reason the president followed that explanation was the same as the lack of increased security in benghazi before the attack. let's not forget that he did not answer the question's inquiry last night. but the reasons are the same. that is the president ideology. it is like a screen over his
1:55 pm
consciousness. his worldview is the war on terror is over. al qaeda has been defeated, and the overthrow of qadhafi and the arab spring are bringing democracy to libya, as well. when you have a circumstance when armed terrorists conduct a raid on the consulate and killed four americans, that implies the war on terror is not over. al qaeda is resurgent and libya is not exactly a bowl of cherries. he can handle that. and he resisted it until reality simply overwhelmed his administration. megyn: do you think the people left the debate last night -- given with the moderator and what she said -- he said that actually romney was right to some extent today. that was declared a terrorist act on day one? >> mam unobscured, but it won't go away. here's a quick question. who is the moderator in the
1:56 pm
lincoln versus douglas debate. there were no moderators. moderators in these debates to be part of thefurniture. i think this is a lesson going forward. when we have the candidates decide what issues they're going to debate. let's negotiate about. megyn: that is interesting. having somebody that reads the questions and absolutely nothing more. >> in the lincoln and douglas debate, they each have a certain amount of time, you could break it down into smaller blocks, but the candidates campaigns know what they want to talk about, let them slug it out. megyn: you will put us all out of a job, thank you, ambassador bolton. governor romney challenge the president moments ago. accusing him of having no plan. karl rove is live on that in a few minutes. if you see one more thing today, make it our focus group on candy crowley.
1:57 pm
>> whited candy crowley come as the final judge of what it meant? [talking over each other] [talking over each other] >> the american people are the final judge ♪
1:58 pm
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2:00 pm
megyn: fox news alert on the growing controversy over what has become the most controversial moment 6 last night's -- of last night's presidential debate. i'm megyn kelly. that moment happened when cnn mott rayer to candy crowley interrupted governor romney in the middle of an exchange about the terror attack in libya and the way in which the administration has been characterizings it. the moderator appearing to side with the president at first, then trying to give governor romney some credit for his argument but not exactly. the fallout has not stopped since. ed henry is traveling with the president. he joins us from athens, ohio. ed? >> reporter: good to see you,
2:01 pm
megyn. this was a flash point as you say in the debate. they had a lot of confrontations. but the one over libya stands out. this was the first time the president had been directly confronted by a voter about this situation who asked him why the security request had been turned down by his administration, the request for more security in libya. what the president was doing, wait appeared he was doing was rewriting history a little bit by saying that on 9/12, the day after the terror attack in benghazi he had called it an acts of terror. he more generally said acts of terror would not deter the united states. that's why mitt romney jumped on it. take a listen to this confrontation back and forth. >> you said in the rose garden the day after the atake it was an act of terror, it was not a spontaneous demonstration in is that what you are saying? >> please proceed, governor. >> i wants to make sure we get
2:02 pm
that for the records. it took the president 14 days before he called it a terror attack. >> he did, let me call it an act of terror. he did wallet an act of terror. it did as well take two weeks or so for the whole idea of there being a riot out there about this tape to come out. you are correct about that. >> reporter: candy crowley back pedaled saying the president said acts of terror in general. but she stands behind the idea that she believes essentially mitt romney got the better of it because it was an argument or semantics in her eyes. the bottom line is it raises the question why jay carney after the president allegedly called it an act of terror is saying it's still because of the video.
2:03 pm
megyn: the reaction to candy crowley's moderator performance has ranged from applause to appalled. some hailing what they call fact checking in realtime while others are concerned miss crowley did this profession a disservice. one mediaout let says it shows why americans no longer trust the media. i put the question to a group of folks from across the spectrum. you have power as a moderator as a straight news journalist because poem will hopefully look at you and think this isn't a partisan. this is somebody who will tell me the truth. there is a danger of being the fact checker on the spot. did she abuse that power? the discussion got heated at times. you can see the entire focus group coming up at 2:30. it's a good one. don't miss it. fox news alert on a new poll as
2:04 pm
we get reaction today to last night's debate. a new gallup daily tracking poll shows governor romney is now leading president obama in a national survey of likely voters by a margin of 51-45. there was a 4 4-point spread in the last gallup. one of the key issues the president was challenged on last night. his vision for the next four years. listen. >> i voted for you in 2008. what have you done or accomplished to earn my vote in 2012. i'm not that optimistic is a was in 2012. most things i need for everyday living are very expensive. megyn: karl rove is the former senior adviser to george bush. that is the question. what is the plan going forward? >> this is a big strategic flaw
2:05 pm
in the obama campaign. they spent virtually all of their money attacking mitt romney. spent a small amount of it trying to make the case for why the last four years have been a success. the president himself has spent very little time talking about what's going forward. we saw it in the first debate where people walked away believing mitt romney had a plan and didn't believe barack obama did. we are seeing it this week in a couple of important ways. the obama campaign pulled down all of its negative advertising * and is now running virtually all positive ads in the battle ground states. this is unusual because they have been constantly beating up on romney. in recent weeks the president's negatives have risen and romney has moved into a lead. you saw it in the gallup poll you talked about. 6-point lead. yesterday it was 50-46. this is the first time that romney has hit 50% in the gallup
2:06 pm
likely voter poll and the president has never hit 50% in the likely voter poll. no candidate who has led in mid-october with 50% or more has gone on to lose. every one of them has gone on to win. megyn: we read the cbs poll earlier saying 37% thought obama one. 30% thought romney won at vest thought it was a tie. >> that was among uncommitted voters. the cnninsta-poll has 40-something to 30-something. president obama need as decisive a victory as governor romney had last week. in the gallup poll, 52-point margin of victory for romney. top reverse the momentum president obama needed as big a vick fly last night as romney had last week. he didn't get it not because he
2:07 pm
didn't do a good performance. he showed up in a much more energetic fashion. but if he needed governor romney to make huge mistakes and fall down and last night we saw a solid deliberate performance just like we have seen from romney all along. megyn: barack obama seems to be saying we are making progress. we'll make more progress if you stick with me. here is what the president said. >> governor romney has been running around talking about his 5-point plan for the economy for quite some time. as i points out last night, it's a 1-point plan. it's really a 1-point plan. it says folks at the very top can play by their own set of rules. >> that lacks credibility. last week governor romney said i have got five points. here is my plan. megyn: he has the five points. his point is at its heart his
2:08 pm
plan is about helping the rich. >> ordinary people did not react that way last week. the cnninsta-poll said who do you think is better on the economy. last night it went to 58 to 30-some-odd. the president even in winning the debate on the debating points. president obama lost the argument. the issue is the economy. and governor romney is expanding his lead on which one of these guys is going to be better for the economy. this was a mistake to use that line. that's the kind of thing you can do at a fundraiser. but you do it in front of a national audience you have got to take into account what do people believe? they believe mitt romney has a common sense practical plan and last week he blew up the image of being a gordon gecko character robbing from the many to give to the few at the top of the pyramid. the president last night when he
2:09 pm
said he doesn't have a five-point plan, he has a one-point plan and it consists of having the very rich not play by the rules. ordinary people are not getting that. they look at that guy they saw last week in denver. they say he's an ernest guy. sure he's rich but he has a plan to put us in a better place. they look at obama and say why do you keep saying those things. remember what these debates are about. they are about the persuadables. they are about the people her undecided. if you are convinced by that you would have been convinced by the tv ad saying mitt romney doesn't care about this guy's wife dying of cancer. mitt romney is outsourcing jobs to china. mitt romney is a rich guy you can't trust and wants to steal you're money. you would have been convinced of that months ago. megyn: a legal debate is
2:10 pm
unfolding after the tragic death of a teenaged girl after being bullied online. after a group of hackers outed the bully we get reports of threats on his life. the internet erupted when governor romney said he had been provided with binders full of women after his -- asking his own campaign team in massachusetts to seek out potential female cabinet members for him there. one of the women who provided those binders the lieutenant governor will join us to separates the facts from the jokes when it comes to what's going nuts online and the criticism of the governor over that comment. >> i went to a number of women's groups and said can you help us find folks. slap! slap! slap! ] [ music, laughter stop ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite foods fight you, fight back fast with tums smoothies. so fast and smooth, you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums
2:11 pm
[ male announcer ] tums smoothies.
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2:14 pm
>> we took a concerted effort to find women who had background to be qualified to be members of our cabinet. i went the women's groups to ask if they could help us find folks. and i was proud that in a survey all 50 states, my cabinet had more women in senior positions than any other state in america. megyn: that was governor romney responding about equality in the workplace. as soon as he made that remark, a firestorm erupting. one web savvy guy creating a binders full of women facebook page. it has 280,000 likes. this tumbler site says no one puts baby in a binder. many democrats are running with
2:15 pm
this trying to make this into an issue, binders full of women comment. joining me now is the woman whose job it was to recruit women to work for the then governor of massachusetts mitt romney. the former lieutenant governor of massachusetts under governor romney. good to see you. binders full of women. what does it mean? >> i spent many hours looking at the resumes in binders. it means mitt romney had a commitment to making sure women were properly represented in his administration and he promotes women and mentors them. to my mind it's a good thing. megyn: what do you make of this, that this is turning into a thing, the fact that he said binders full of women. >> they tried to launch big bird and i don't think that took off. but it's really just a distraction. we have so many serious problems in the country and women have so
2:16 pm
many serious problems. more women living in poverty than any other time and 5,000 more women living in poverty and unemployed since the beginning of the obama administration. there were many questions we should have been talking about last night that were left on the table. if i had to say anything about binders would i say there was an empty binder there yesterday that should have been filled by obama about his plans for the next administration. megyn: what was he trying to say? he was just looking for resumes of women snow was claiming he made a commitment to fill his cabinet positions in massachusetts with more than just men. >> the back story is a women's organization, the massachusetts women's political caucus came to both candidates in the race and said if you're elected will you pledge, will you promise to put as many women in your be net as there are in massachusetts,
2:17 pm
about 50%. those candidates said yes. when governor romney was elected he set out to fulfill that promise. one thing you can know about governor romney when he makes a promise while campaigning he will fulfill that promise. megyn: how did the numbers work out? >> 50%. megyn: were they menial roles? >> they were in his cabinets. there is me. the top policy adviser was a woman and half the cabinet members were women. i think governor romney has shown by walking the walk that he respects women in the workplace and promotes women in the workplace and all this controversy is silly. megyn: president obama came out and hit him for not expressing the lily ledbetter. it allows women to sue if they
2:18 pm
feel they have been discriminated against on the pay scale at the office. this gave us additional remedies to sue later in the process. he said we'll get back to you. not him. his campaign adviser. the president suggesting mitt romney is not a forceful advocate for women when it comes to equal pay. >> over a year ago in an interview with diane sawyer the governor answered that question and said he would support that law and he is a strong supporter of equal pay for equal work. he goes way beyond that. we are not just talking about he wall pay for equal work. he has gone beyond during the course of his career to being a mentor and promoter of women to try to be an example for other governors and other leaders around the country who perhaps don't bring enough women into the top positions in their organizations. megyn: you mentioned the binder
2:19 pm
of potential candidates. how else has he done that? >> by working with women and putting them out front to steak for his administration and putting them in positions of influence is the best way to make sure people get accustomed to seeing women sitting for example where you are and where i am today. megyn: thank you for being here. new troubles for former cycling superstar lance armstrong. he's parting ways with a cause that's near and dear to his heart and a company near and dear to his wallet.
2:20 pm
2:21 pm
2:22 pm
>> an even more famous brand decides to dump arm strong from its longstanding relationship.
2:23 pm
trace? >> reporter: you had live strong nike and radio shack all gone. when the u.s. anti-doping agency first came out with these allegations lance armstrong said he was not going to fight them. he said he was finished with this nonsense. this foundation stood by him as did nike. then the full report came out with an avalanche of witnesses saying he did dope along with reames of scientific evidence it was damaging but nike still stayed with him. but today lance armstrong stepped down from his foundation saying to spare the foundation from any negative effects. i will conclude my chairmanship. nike minutes later dropped him saying due to the seemingly insurmountable evidence that lance armstrong participated in
2:24 pm
doping and misled nike for a decade it is what great sadness that we terminate our contract with him. now there are allegations nike was helping cover up his doping scandal by paying off the international cycling union to cover up with positive drug test lance armstrong had in 1999. nike issued a statement saying, nike vehemently denies that it paid ... they say they are looking into this. arm strong is out of a bunch of foundations and sponsorships, but this investigation is going forward. megyn: what a saga. trace, thank you. if you didn't see our interview with dr. keith ablow on lance armstrong and whether he's a
2:25 pm
bernie madoff type. it's on some of the most dramatic reaction yet on last night's presidential showdown and what happened when moderator candy crowley became what one of our guests called the third person in this debate. don't miss this focus group. it's next. >> she did change everything. she gave hip the lifeline. megyn: are you upset because candy crowley weighed in?
2:26 pm
2:27 pm
2:28 pm
2:29 pm
>> the day after the attack, governor, i stood in the rose garden and i told the american people and the world that we were going to find out exactly what happened, that this was an act of terror. and i also said that we are going to hunt down those who committed this crime. >> governor, if you want to respond. >> i think it's interesting the president just said something which is on date after the ateak went in the rose garden and said this was an act of terror. you said in the rose garden the day apartment atake it was an act of terror. it was not a spontaneous demonstration?
2:30 pm
is that what you are saying? >> please proceed, governor. >> i want to make sure we get that for the record because it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi and act of terror. >> he did in fact. >> can you say that loird, candy. >> he did call it an act of terror. it did as well take two weeks or so for the whole idea of there being a riot out there about this tape to come out. you are correct about that. megyn: that was a key moment last night's presidential debate when moderator candy crowley interrupted governor romney and according to some went from objective moderator. she tried to walk back some of what happened. here she is defending herself. >> we knew the president had said, you know, niece acts of
2:31 pm
terror won't stand or whatever the whole quote was. i think actually -- right after that i did turn around and say but you were totally correct that they spent two weeks telling us this was about a tape and this riot outside the benghazi which there wasn't. so he was right in the main. i just think he picked the wrong word. megyn: this has become a huge debate with crowley doing a series of appearances on cnn and abc's "the view" to repeat the defense you just saw. joining me now to discuss it, our focus group. these are folks from all stripes, independents. democrats, republicans. is that a fair charge that she went from independent moderator to somebody who put her thumb on the scale. kevin? >> it's not just a fair charge. i would say they didn't become a participant, i would say she became an advocate and she was
2:32 pm
principally wrong on the substance of her argument which made it all the worse. the rules kept the moderator to a limited position for a reason. for the american people to decide what the candidates were saying, not to have it interpreted by a journalist who shouldn't be getsing in the way. megyn: you have power as a mad rayer to as a straight-news journalist. people will look at you and say this isn't a partisan, this is somebody-will tell me the truth. so there is danger being the fact checker on the spot. did she abuse that power? >> i don't think she abused the power. if you see her in her interview subsequent to last flight she did say and you can see it from the clip that she actually wanted to give romney the benefit of the doubt at the same time. but romney being what he was last night as a bits after bully was interrupting her in her ability to do that. she tried to be fair at that moment but it just didn't come out. i do not have a problem with the
2:33 pm
moderator being an instant fact checker. because i think voters need that. megyn: if they get it right. but even she admitted after the fact she did not get it right. mitt romney did make a valid point. >> she said that last night. but she also said the president was right as well. and the president -- >> it was up to debate. you are going to think she got it right, i don't think she got it right. shouldn't the president be the one defending himself and not candy crowley. man this instance, we know these are momentum moments. barack obama was sitting in that chair. he was asking the governor, to please proceed. he had him on the roams. what do republicans want to talk about in the inconsistency of this president on benghazi-gate. she hand us an opportunity as republicans to talk about this because if this was just a
2:34 pm
romney-obama dynamic without her intervention it would not be viewed through this prism of media bias which accelerates the charge. megyn: there is a piece on that says this is the reason there is so much distrust in the fourth estate. so many supposedly straight news journalists default to a democratic point of view in viewing a dispute. when she said he did say it when she sided with the president then tried to offer a caveat as her second point. she stated it better in defending herself on anderson cooper than she did in the debate. she did not articulate governor romney's position during the debate. just watch what she actually said in the debate, then what she claims she said. watch. >> it did as well take -- it did as well take two weeks or so for the whole idea there being a riot out there about this tape to come out. you are correct about that.
2:35 pm
>> i did turn around and say you are totally correction they spent two weeks telling us this was about a tape and the riot outside the benghazi complex which there wasn't. >> it's clear she was the third debater here. she was suppose to be a moderator. if we wanted somebody who was a surrogate or pundit they should have said this is her role. but her role was to moderate. she didn't do that in an effective way. i think that would get people up in arms whether it's this debate or the headline. the american people are smart and they can figure it out. but we need the information not your perspective. >> i couldn't disagree more. candy crowley did a great job pushing back against a bully in mitt romney. when she corrected him she said you have a fair point, too. but the fact remains -- the fact remains -- megyn: i grant that she tried.
2:36 pm
she did try to say okay but then it took you two weeks to call this a terrorism attack while you were talking about a protest. but she didn't say that. she actually didn't say that. >> can i talk about a larger point? it's amazing in the face of a relatively poor performance byrum any. all we are talking about is the moderator. megyn: don't start with that. >> it was despicable. it's like she was acting like god. they can't argue with her. she is the moderator. and it's such -- he has suddenly obama which is typical and it's because he politicized this whole thing, he used the words "acts of terror" which he meant at the time about in general about 9/11. otherwise he would not have left and gone to las vegas that afternoon. megyn: they can't argue with her? why not? one is president and one wants
2:37 pm
to be president. why didn't mitt romney turn to her, turn to barack obama and say okay, you believed it was terror on september 12, why did you send the u.n. ambassador on five sunday shows four or five days after that to say the was about a spontaneous video. why does mitt romney need candy crowley to defend him? >> we aren't talking about candy crowley because she did change everything. we should have been talking about benghazi. >> this is a very important subject matter. look what we are talking about. candy crowley. tony is right. she did change everything. she gave us a lifeline. [all talking at once] megyn: republicans on this panel are you upset because candy crowley weighed in or are you upset because your guy didn't do [all talking at once]
2:38 pm
>> we all have to admit mitt romney missed an opportunity to nail it. [all talking at once] >> this administration put every major surrogate out there saying this was a riot that induced -- megyn: hold on. >> he was on that attack. that's what was happening. he repivotted. he had obama on the ropes. megyn: he froze up when obama said act of terror. he focused in on words that were technically focused and they went down this path. >> romney is a harvard educated lawyer. he needs to check the transcript. the bottom line is romney those got obama on the ropes an was wrong on the facts. that's what is wrong.
2:39 pm
>> romney is not used to being checked on facts. this is new for romney that somebody pushed back. mitt is short for mythological. when you think of this magical mystery math when it comes to tax cuts will be. megyn: let me ask you this. the danger as i see it as the moderator of doing the on the spot fact check on an issue is you do it on one thing, then you do it -- [all talking at once] >> i think it would be great to have fact checkers on the spot. i know the romney campaign said they won't be constrained by fact checkers. i think it should be all. >> she said before the debate she was going to ignore the rules and reflect and i think the american people appreciate that. she held romney and barack obama to the facts. barack obama did a better job of
2:40 pm
forcing mitt romney to tell the truth. megyn: let me step back and ask this. hold on. he did say "act of terror" after the libya murders. he did. but ... the con effect matters. is there anybody on this panel that believes barack obama was declaring this a terrorist attack on that day? four days before he sent the ambassador out to say exactly the opposite. do you believe that many the message coming out of the administration? >> i think he was calling the attack in libya a terrorist attack, saying it was an act of terror. megyn: it matters. i'm asking which message you think he was trying to send the week of these murders. >> i think he was talking about it being a terrorist attack and bringing people who did it to justice. >> the actions of ambassador rice are even more deplorable. if he admitted it was a terrorist act then when he went
2:41 pm
own univision and letterman and the view will be. >> why did he do that? megyn: i have got to go quickly. >> because there is a debate abouty what it meant? why was candy crowley the final judge of what it meant? megyn: this is how i know we are done. when we get to that point i know it's over. thank you all. megyn: that was a good one. but i would like your thoughts on it. send me a tweet. follow me on twitter @megynkelly. a disturbing legal debate unfolding after the tragic suicide of a teenaged girl. she took her own life after being bullied brutally in school after school. where are the people were helping her. how could this have happened, and should those responsible for
2:42 pm
torturing this child face penalties under the law? that's next.
2:43 pm
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look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. the case of a 15-year-old girl who took her own life. she was found dead a week ago today after making a heartbreaking video chronicling years of bullying in school and online. >> reporter: 15-year-old amanda todd in handwritten notes detailing the abuse, the years of abuse she got online and in school. she wrote that she would go online to chat because she wanted to make friends and she was pressured by a man to flash her bare chest. eventually she did. he took a picture and sent to it
2:46 pm
everyone she knew. the bullying began at school. she changed schools multiple times, but the man who took the picture found her and posted it online and sent to it her friends. she says, i can never get the photo back. it's all out there forever. last week she hanged herself. now a hacking group called anonymous says it has tracked down the man who took the topless picture and posted it and sent to it her friends. now they have put his private information online. that man is a suspected pedophile. but the deal is the man claims he was only trying to help amanda find the real person who took the photo and the police in barack obama where this happened say there is no evidence the man outed by this organization is actually the man who posted this. so they are investigating and they say there is not enough evidence at this point in time to arrest that person.
2:47 pm
so this investigation goes on. the 15-year-old as you said took her life last week by hanging herself in her bedroom. megyn: the question is who if anyone should be held responsible. is that the appropriate route here. joining knee now arthur. >> i gallon and jonna spilbor. both are former prosecutors and now defense attorneys. the bullying of this girl did not just redelight this man. it went on for years and the kids in her school, school after school and physical beatdowns where she was punched and kicked and left in a ditch. she was crying and reaching out for help and more bullying ensued. if you want to go after somebody, who is on the list. >> there is a list. this is not one person. it doesn't appear to be one person. it's many people along the way. it's hard because the person who physically assaulted her obviously those are easy charges
2:48 pm
to come up with. the ones that are more difficult, the people who are intellectually assaulting her, intellectually tormenting her. and it definitely can be. this is a progression. i'm going to give an example. 20 years ago, 30 years ago there were no laws on the books about crack cocaine because it didn't exist. now there aren't specific laws on the books regarding internet bullying. it's starting to evolve. it's time for legislators to do some research, real studying with input from psychologists and psychiatrists and come up with criminal laws that directly focus on this. megyn: if this is a pedophile who convinced her to take off her top. little girls, for god's sake, you don't do that. kids make stupid mistakes. then this adult tortured her
2:49 pm
online with pictures of her naked breasts and put it everywhere and she was subjected to public shame. can they foe after him and what can be done about the kids who just reveled in her misery. >> he's a stalker and pedophile. this story has so many tragic and strange components. how can this group anonymous figure out who is but the authorities couldn't figure out who was for three years? that bothered me on a number of levels. as far as the kids who perpetuate this emotional stalking. i have to blame first the schools and the parents who do absolutely nothing. kids are kids. we can't turn these 14-year-old bullies into murderers. maybe the laws will revolve but i don't think that's going to fly. kids are being kids. side, making bad decisions, being mean.
2:50 pm
but they are 14-year-old kids. mom and dad and teachers, step up to the plate, please. megyn: she says after i got attacked they beat me down online, on facebook all i saw was she deserved it. did you wash the mud out of your hair. no one cared. i moved away to another city, another school. six months go by, people are still posting pictures. they are posting pictures of the bleach, and going on and on saying she should try a different brand of bleach, i hope she dies this time and isn't she so stupid. it's just a matter for society to try to correct these kids. >> it's a matter of parents. we see anonymity of the internet. when we were kids the beating took place in the schoolyard. he would take to you john's house, ring the bell and daughter to father and son to son would figure it out. that doesn't happen any more because the kid doesn't come
2:51 pm
home bloody. the bloodiness is happening in their hearts and souls. megyn: i want to pick up on that after the break and i want to talk about the schools that are supposed to be all over this anti-bullying stuff.
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
megyn: she puts on this video september 7. every day i think why am i still here. i'm stuck. what's left of me now. nothing stops. i have nobody. i need someone. my name is amanda todd. and a month later she is dead. arthur, is the school potentially responsible in the parents reach out and say we want everyone to snow she had a lot of intervention and support, it just wasn't working.
2:55 pm
>> i don't want to sounds like a lawyer. but there is a notice requirement. did the school know about it. how were they alerted to this. is there proof they saw this video? did the parent come forward in then what steps did they take. if they tried to address it but failed there is not -- i wouldn't say they are liable. it would be a fact-specific situation. megyn: where are we today. we all three of us were children of the 70s and 80s. it was bad back then and it's still bad. do it ever stop, all the anti-bullying interventions, you are special and be special to everybody? will it ever stop? >> i think in this electronic age it's even worse. the reach is farther. it's like arthur said, it reaches so much farther with
2:56 pm
texting and facebook. facebook is not anonymous. there have to have been teachers and parents who saw these postings. why aren't the teachers booting kids out of school. you post you want somebody dead and i hope you are in a ditch, that should be zero tolerance. >> i agree. >> why don't they get rid of them when they do that. >> i got a friend request my friend's daughter, she's 10. it's so easy for bad things to happen without their being constant monitoring. and with technology it's almost impossible to keep a kid from going to a bathroom with a blackberriy or droid. megyn: she says the man convinced her how beautiful she was and convinced her to take off her top.
2:57 pm
arthur, jonna, thank you so much. we'll be right back. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain.
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